New Parade Rules 
Your parade entry must be safe for participants and spectators. 
• Secure all loose set or props if you have a float - nothing can fall onto the spectators or participants
• No animals please 
• Any float must be less than 4m in height 
• Any vehicle must have a current WOF and be driven by an appropriately licenced driver 
• Any electrical equipment or special effects must be operated by a competent person and have appropriate fire safety equipment on board. You need to notify us if you plan to have equipment so we can OK it with CET Arena 
• All parade entry participants need to be supervised - particularly if they are children Your parade entry must be appropriate for small children to watch. We reserve the right to withdraw your parade entry on the day if it is not deemed appropriate. 

• No political or sensitive material 
• Christmas theme only - no blatant advertising a product or cause 
• Only age appropriate messages please If in doubt, ask! 

There is only one Father Christmas in the Parade, and he is on the Parade Santa Float. Please do not have a Father Christmas as part of your parade entry. There will also be Marshals sited around the venue. You need to follow their instructions while the parade is on. The costs relating to your entry or damage incurred to your property or personnel injury in the parade are your own responsibility, not the parade organisers. You agree to do everything within reason to keep yourselves safe, and will comply with instructions from organisers. 
Remember - everyone is there to enjoy themselves in the spirit of Christmas.

Decorated Bike Rules

Entry conditions
    You need to be between 4 and 12 years old,
    You need to have a bike that you can ride around the parade route. 
    (You can bring a big person to walk with you if you need one).
    You will need to wear a helmet, so plan your design around that.
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